“The road to hell is paved with works-in-progress…” – Philip Roth

We’ve had an extremely busy but productive month of October. First and foremost, we finished Draft #3 of the script for “13 miles” and, after a marathon weekend covering a large portion of the Thanksgiving (Canadian) holiday, we managed to get the draft completed for the October 15th Regular Deadline in the Bluecat Screenplay Competition. […]

Thy Name is Crazy!

My husband is an avid triathlete, marathon runner, and he’s recently added “CrossFitter” to his list of vices.  He’s nuts and as his dutiful wife, I remind him of this daily ;). Recently, we went to dinner with a friend of ours who is also of the nutty variety (he ran from his home on […]

Beginning at the end…

There are several ways to skin the cat (sorry, Cinamon (Anthony’s cat)) when it comes to planning for a movie. You write a script, show it around, maybe sell it to a producer, maybe you try to make a short film version, etc. Our learning and research leads us to this conclusion: begin with the […]

And it begins…

13 MILES is the first feature film project of Habethy Film Productions, our Production Company, and it will be full of “firsts”. First Producing and Writing credit on a feature fiction film. First feature film as a Director for Anthony.  First writing collaboration as a husband and wife team.  First time building a film from soup […]

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