More Sponsorships Available

We have new opportunities for sponsorships including more product integration during our pickup shots (filming in June 2018), as well as, adding your company’s logo IN the movie. Email us at to discuss how your company can support independent film in a fun and worthwhile way!

Here is a list of SOME of the opportunities available:

  • Behind the Scenes - sponsor our cast and crew "Coffee Table" and we'll put your company's banner on our snack table throughout our shooting day, taking video and pictures for Instagram.
  • Behind the Scenes Video - over the next few weeks we will be releasing several new videos with interviews with our cast and some of our crew members. You can sponsor a video and have your company's logo on screen at the intro, outro (ending), and/or in the mid-video sponsor call out. 
  • Teaser - You can sponsor the release of our next teaser (June) and have your company's logo introduce the teaser as it's released online on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter.  
  • Product and logo integration in film - we have a couple of scenes left where we can place product in the scenes with our characters. You'll need to contact us directly to see if this is a fit for you. 
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    Finish Line Signage - Through the magic of Visual Effects, we will be adding sponsor logos on our finish lines, and on banners throughout the various triathlon races in the movie. This is a neat way for ANY organization or company to add a significant piece to the film that will appear prominently and, in some cases, during key moments.
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    Cast and Crew Screening Sponsorship - A captive audience with behind the scenes social media coverage for our October Screening, Pre-Screening Reception and After Party. You'll get live announcements on the day, signage throughout all the events, and credits in the movie.
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    Movie "Title Sponsorship" - this is a big one, and exclusive to JUST ONE organization/company. You can have your name and logo appear at the beginning of the movie forever as a "Presented By"... 
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    And more... We are happy to discuss different ways we can promote you through your support of this movie!

For any donation or sponsorship, if you are a U.S. resident or company, we can make your donation tax-deductible. Use the Paypal button below and any donation over $25 U.S. will be tax-deductible.

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