Meet Shanyn Maguire, Producer of 13 Miles

The last couple of months have been a whirlwind of activity and preparation as we build towards our largest phase of production in May and June. Prepping a feature film involves being in several places at once. In any given day, we can be casting, location scouting, scheduling, arranging crew and equipment, talking with potential sponsors, getting on social media to promote or announce news on our movie, etc.

We are excited to say that we have found a partner, friend, and kindred spirit in our new Producer, Shanyn Maguire. Shanyn has quickly become a superhero for 13 Miles. As you'll see below, a Producer wears many hats, and Shanyn is charged with keeping production on track and ensuring our preparation checklists are taken care of, while helping to build and secure partnerships and sponsorships with people and brands who align synergistically with our movie.

Where are you from?

I am originally from Mission B.C but have had the pleasure of living in Vancouver for the past thirteen years. I now reside in Kitsilano.

How would you describe the path that has led you to becoming a movie producer? What other career(s) have you had?

I have always loved pursuing careers that offer challenge, just ask my family. If I am not challenged - I move on. My path started when I graduated from Columbia and pursued radio broadcasting for several years. Radio was mostly wonderful, I learned a lot but I needed to explore what my heart was screaming at me to do. In 2015 I had an idea for a reality television concept that sent me on a plane to the Banff Media Festival where I met and pitched to a sea of producers. After that experience I decided right then and there on the plane home that I wanted to be a producer. It really was a magical moment. Digital media is where I spread my wings first then leading me to a recommendation to produce my very first short film entitled Freefall.

Shanyn Maguire on the set of Freefall

Why did you decide to come on board with 13 Miles?

When you're working on a project of this magnitude it is important to work with a team that "gets" you. I had an instant connection and many cups of tea getting to know Anthony Epp and Helena Thom. The conversation just flowed out of us. Also I just adored the characters and the script, I couldn't put it down. This film needs to be made.

Why are you excited about this project?

I never forgot the first time I was 1500 ft in a 172 Cessna reporting traffic to a live audience, the first time I pitched my very first reality television concept in front of dozens of executives, and the first time I heard the director call action on set. "13 Miles" is my very first feature film, the whole experience is exciting, and we are only getting started.

Any books or movies that have inspired you?

Actually, the first movie that comes to mind is "Working Girl". There is a scene where the main character Tess is brow-beaten but never gives up on achieving her dreams, and of course the shoulder pad suits ha! It's an inspiring film.

What is the essential role of a Producer?

A producer wears many different hats. There are many riddles and logistics involved within developing a film. A producer's role is to resolve the logistics well before they even are needed! That, and putting out every fire that comes in sight - resulting in a smooth production, and giving the Director(s) room to think and create their vision. Minutes and seconds count in the film industry, if I save the Director time, and present them a finely tuned machine on set, I am doing my job.

Have you ever tried a triathlon? What do you know about the sport?

I have researched this sport because of my close involvement in the film. Also I have completed two half marathons, one in San Francisco! So to an extent, I understand what the athletes are going through and the sacrifices they need to make. I remember when I crossed my first finish line, I was shaking and full of happy tears. It's something you never forget.

What challenges do you see in making 13 Miles?

Oh there will definitely be challenges. Mostly, there will be more at stake. But I believe in this film and welcome all of the surprises that jump out at us along the way, it's all part of the process.

Is there any challenge or piece of the production you are looking forward to "figuring out"?

Once the film is complete we want to get it to as many digital distributors as possible, we want everyone to experience this film because there haven't been many motion pictures about this life changing sport. This film needs to be seen. My challenge will be to push through in this highly competitive industry, but then again...I'm always up for a challenge! Let's cross the finish line together!

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