Meet Cameron Grierson, playing “Trevor”

Casting is one of the true joys of making 13 Miles, as we have found ourselves inundated with amazing talent. 

We are incredibly excited that, after a long search, we have cast Cameron Grierson as "Trevor", our co-lead in the movie with "Cora" (played by Jovanna Burke).

We had a chance to ask Cameron some questions about his background and what brought him to 13 Miles. Here is Cameron, in his own words:

As a kid I was always getting into trouble and my parents were advised to medicate me. Instead, they found a school that emphasized the arts and followed that up by getting me into competitive swimming. Suddenly, instead of getting in trouble for acting out I was rewarded for it. Simultaneously, I started setting my sights on swimming in the Olympics. Swimming became my main focus for quite a while but then one summer I landed a summer job on a Japanese war epic movie and promptly signed up for film school. For a few years I pursued a career as a filmmaker. But one year things were a little slow so I had a bunch of free time, started thinking a lot about acting again. Along with that came the realization that I’d require some sort of a day job, so I returned to lifeguarding and started taking acting classes until a friend connected me with her agent. It’s been five years now and things have gradually gotten busier and more interesting. Getting cast as Trevor in 13 Miles is literally a dream come true in a lot of ways because it really shows how things have come full circle. My love of swimming now fuels my passion for acting, and vice versa.

What is it about Trevor’s character that you relate with?

One thing for sure is that we've both had some very high highs and some really low lows. But to be more specific, at our core we’re both obsessed with training and performance, being in peak condition, both mentally and physically. For Trevor it’s all about the sport. For me it’s now more about being in great shape as an actor, but I do that the way I used to stay in shape as a competitive athlete. Exercise, whether it’s swimming, cycling, preparing for an audition, or coaching a friend for their audition, brings me to this place of intense focus on what I’m working toward. The upside is that I get results, but it also means there’s usually not much left for relationships or a personal life, which is probably the biggest way that I relate to Trevor’s character. It’s also where we both learn our hardest and most important lessons.

What is it about Trevor’s character that you think resonates most with people?

In a way, triathlon, especially Ironman, is a metaphor for our lives these days. We all seem to be working so hard to achieve these seemingly impossible goals, whether it's career, family, athletic dreams, creative aspirations, or even just a work/life balance. And in that pursuit we all have the potential to be very selfish at times. It’s not something we’re proud of and wouldn’t admit it to anyone, especially not to ourselves. But it’s there for a lot of us, this kind of dark, shadow side that causes us to lose sight of our connectedness and interdependence with one another. I think we all want to know if we can have our cake and eat to as they say, or whether we have to choose one or the other.

What attracted you to the role of Trevor?

Trevor has sacrificed everything to achieve his goals, which leaves him lost and alone when he needs the people who care about him the most. I’ve been there numerous times and am constantly trying to find that balance between career and personal life. There’s also the obvious that Trevor is a world-class athlete and in playing him it gives me the opportunity to somehow realize my childhood dream.

Have you completed a triathlon before?

I’ve done the swimming leg a few times, was a long distance runner in high school, and used to cycle around the Santa Monica Mountains once a week when I lived in L.A., but no I have not completed a full triathlon by myself. I’m definitely going to have to correct that now.

What are you doing to prepare you for this role?

Swimming five times/week, cycling every day, am about to begin running again.

I’m reading as much as I can about triathlon, watching documentaries about triathlon (just watched “What it Takes”) and sports movies that put me in the frame of mind. Also, reading the script a hundred times and talking with triathletes about their experiences is in line with how I approach all of my roles.

What running shoes do you train in?

I have a great pair of waterproof North Face running shoes for running in the rain, and a pair of Skechers for dry days.

What bike do you train with?

I’m a bicycle commuter and have a great Raleigh commuter that’s burly enough to handle the rough streets and occasional trails that I regularly ride, yet light enough to get me from A to B faster than a mountain bike. Can’t wait to see how the resistance it provides has conditioned me for racing on a proper bike!

What is the most challenging aspect of triathlon for you?

The running will be the most challenging because it’s been a while since I’ve really trained as a runner.

What do you love most about being an actor?

What I love most about being an actor is becoming so engrossed in the role and finding that there’s this whole other way of being in the world that I likely would never have experienced as myself. I always wind up learning something new and unexpected about myself.

Q: Who was your childhood hero?

Alex Bauman, Canadian swimmer who won two gold medals in the 1984 Olympics in the 200 and 400 Individual Medley. Earlier in his career he sustained a shoulder injury. The doctors advised him to either quit swimming or continue knowing that there was nothing they could do for his pain – he continued and became a world record holder.

5 Fun facts:

  1. I worked on a fishing boat in Alaska.
  2. I used to have really long hair
  3. Favorite candy: wine gums
  4. Name of first pet? Tiger
  5. Mother's maiden name? Sloan

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