The Making of 13 Miles – behind the scenes of our Running Room production day

The production is on a roll! We have finished editing scenes from our February 26 production day, and, thanks to our behind-the-scenes videographer and stills photographer, Sam Thom Photography (, we have a video that tells the story of the Making of 13 Miles.

This was a big shooting day for us. We completed over 7 pages out of our 116 page script. This was also a series of firsts on set for 13 Miles:

  • Naomi Levi made her 13 Miles debut as "Becca". We have a few more days of filming with Naomi left and are excited about the role she plays in the movie.
  • We had some new crew members for the day. This was our largest crew yet, a crew of EIGHT. Almost breaking our initial concept of never getting above a crew of 10 (we KNOW we'll be crashing that ceiling at some point). Here were the new faces on set: Lorelei Burk, Costume Designer; Madison Penland, Sound Mixer; Sam Thom, BTS video and photography; and Michelle Muldoon, craft services. A real joy to work with all these pro's!
  • Our first day with the Arri Alexa Mini camera. We have been really happy with the Arri camera since Penticton and we are excited to have the Mini with us for the rest of the film shoot. One day we'll do a post on all the techy-parts of why we chose that camera, but the overall number one reason is quality image!

A big thanks to the Running Room on Denman Street in Vancouver, who sponsored our location for the day. There is a lot to be said for having authentic places to film.

A wonderful day and something to build on for our next film dates!

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