The Making of 13 Miles – Kelowna, Oliver and the Bliss Bakery & Bistro

Videography by Sam Thom Photography:


Jovanna Huguet

Jeff Gonek

Sadie Silcock


Camera Team - Stirling Bancroft, Emma Djwa

Sound Mix (location) - Alex Shamku

Makeup/Hair - Megan Mitchell

Craft Services - Michelle Muldoon

Stills/BTS - Samantha Thom

Created, Produced, Directed and Written by - Helena Thom and Anthony Epp


Music provided by HearWeGo

Artist: Broke For Free

Title: The Gold Lining

Listen on SoundCloud:

Listen on YouTube:

Filmed on location in West Kelowna, Peachland and Oliver.

Filmed at Bliss Bakery & Bistro in Peachland, and at the Oliver Half Iron, thanks to Dynamic Race Events.

Sam Thom Photography:

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