Introducing “Lexi”, played by Sadie Silcock

In 13 Miles, "Lexi" is the headstrong sister and business partner to "Cora". In our search for the actor to play this role, we found Sadie Silcock, an amazing actor, filmmaker, and a great presence on set.

We asked Sadie to tell us about her journey to 13 Miles!

Tell us about yourself:

I live with my hunky hubby, two beautifully-rascaly little girls, my exploited-expat mother and the bears, cougars and bobcats that populate our slice of shoreline. I graduated from UBC with a BFA in theatre in 2005. Although I worked in film and television straight out of university, I took a break to move to the teeny-tiny town of Blue River, the location of a world famous hell-ski resort. There, we lived in a log cabin, x-country skied to the store, played bingo at the community hall, made babies and shredded the sickest powder on planet earth. Despite the appeal of small-town life, the acting scene in a town of 172 people was pretty dire and I need to get back to where my heart is. So here I am, back, and I couldn't be happier!

What is it about Lexi's character that you relate with?

Lexi is a "just get over it" kinda gal. And although my approach to this sentiment is very different I, too, am quick to find function in bad situations and move on with life. This ideal has its obvious appeal but it does come with setbacks: one being, people can perceive you as callous and unfeeling when this is quite the opposite. Another setback, sometimes you don't really resolve something before moving forward.

What is it about Lexi's character that you think resonates most with people?

I think the sceptics can live vicariously through Lexi!

What attracted you to the role of Lexi?

Aside from working with the amazing cast and crew attached to 13 Miles!?! Ok then...Lexi is just cool: from her her sarcastic strategies to her massive underground-reservoir of love, Lexi is nothing but intriguing and I am so lucky to get into her!

Have you completed a triathlon before?

Nope...but I'm not half dead yet! It would be an amazing goal. I'm in a running race this summer. If I survive that, I'll have to look into swimming lessons.

My two brothers-in-law competed in triathlons so I am hoping to win some brownie points filming 13 Miles!

What do you love most about being an actor?

Whether a comedy, tragedy or simply a slice of the everyday, acting feels like play time. When you watch children play make believe they do not exclusively act out happy scenarios: children explore the joys, sorrows, elations and miseries of whatever story they are creating. It is how their brains grow, how they learn empathy and how they learn to problem solve in a safe environment. This same form of exploration is my job! So with every role, big or small, I get to grow. I have so much fun doing it and I feel like the luckiest person in the world when I am at work. To sum it up: Acting rules.

5 Fun facts about yourself:
  1. I am a prankster. Nothing gets me going more than laughing at my friends' and family's expense!
  2. No one agrees with me, but I'm telling you... I am shy.
  3. I love to paint and write emo poetry
  4. I could probably kick your butt at tennis
  5. I have an unhealthy obsession with keeping deer from eating my flowers.
What question have we not asked you that you wish we had?

"Can we buy you a ticket to Hawaii?"

Yes. Yes, you can!

Producers' Note: We would happily fly our cast and crew to Hawaii for a screening of the movie. Hawaii seems like the perfect place for an outdoor screening of 13 Miles. Sponsorships for the screening, travel, and accommodations are welcome anytime. Please email 

But enough about Hawaii... More about Sadie!

I am Sadie Silcock, a writer, producer, and actress based in Vancouver, BC. In various capacities, I have worked on over 20 commercials including KRAFT, MILLER, COKE and AXE. As an actress, I have appeared in the vancouver-shot series The Dead Zone and The L Word. My production credits include the Vancouver premier of THE PILLOWMAN and a pilot episode and webseries called ECO-CHIC TV, in which I also worked as the content writer and host. For two years, I worked as the in-house production co-ordinator at BEAR STUDIOS and I have worked as the co-ordinator for brands such as BEST BUY and TOURISM YUKON. I worked as a sports reporter for 3 years, a career that took me to England and India and had me reporting at both a winter and summer Olympic Games. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts from UBC, graduated with honours, have taken courses at Vancouver Film School and the CBC and I am a member of Women In Film.

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