Inside “Zac” – A Conversation With Dakota Daulby

We completed our Whistler filming day on July 30 with the introduction of a new character, "Zac", played by Dakota Daulby. This was Dakota's first day on set, and we had a lot of fun filming an "interview scene" between him and Corey Woods, playing "Vanessa".

We asked Dakota to tell us all a little about himself...​

Describe one moment in your life when you knew you wanted to be an actor?

I get asked that question a lot, and when I think back on my childhood I have a hard time pinpointing a distinct moment where I knew I wanted to be a performer. I have always performed though, from entertaining mom and her friends, to just creating separate worlds in my room, the make-believe has forever been a part of my life.

What do you love most about being an actor?

I love the challenge of it. It’s an incredible feat for every person involved to make a film. As an actor, it’ your job to perform for the betterment of the story you’re telling. But without the countless other positions, your performance would never get seen. So I enjoy being a part of the team, and working as a group to overcome the challenges and obstacles, and hopefully produce a product we’re all proud of.

What is it about Zac's character that you relate with?

Well Zac is very similar to me. He’s a young kid with big ambitions. He believes in himself, and knows with hard work, dedication, and the right team behind him he could make it to the top. So I found Zac’s drive very compelling. He’s focused, but young enough to still enjoy the sport. It hasn’t become a job. So it was his youthful ambition that makes him a really fun person to portray.

What is it about Zac's character that you think resonates most with people?

When people are motivated and are enjoying the journey at the same time, it's an energy that is intoxicating. It draws you into that person's world, and really inspires you to be a part of that journey. Zac oozes that type of charm, charisma, and the ideal that nothing can hold him back. He knows where he’s destined to be. It’s that clear focus that fellow athletes and spectators will latch onto.

Have you completed a triathlon before?

No, I’ve never completed a triathlon. I’ve always been a very active person, and all types of exercise are a large part of my life. But a triathlon is a whole nother beast. I have crazy respect for those people and love to cheer them on, but not sure if I’m cut out for it…. Thank God for movie magic, right?!

List 6 Fun Facts About Yourself:

  • When I was kid I used to dress up in a full three piece suit for school… every day.
  • Love to hike. I hiked a volcano in Indonesia last year.
  • Love to travel, and I’ve currently visited over a dozen countries.
  • I also consider myself a writer, having wrote my first script when I was 16. I have my first feature script going into production this year.
  • Prefer to be called by my nickname “Dick”.
  • Really wanted to be an architect like Indiana Jones when I was a kid. Then I discovered I could just be an actor and PRETEND to be an architect. Didn’t have to learn all the math…. which is like, way cooler.

Dakota Daulby's Biography

Born in Vancouver, Canada, Dakota Daulby, 22, discovered his love for acting as a young teen after witnessing the craft at the renowned Canadian acting school, New Image College, in Vancouver.

He got his first break after landing the lead role in the 2011 award-winning short film "Why Does God Hate Me?" which was featured at the prestigious New York Film Festival as well as at numerous film festivals across North America and around the world.

Upon graduating New Image College, Dakota consistently worked hard at his craft, earning the starring role in the feature film "The Woodcarver" besides John Ratzenberger in 2012, and then going on to co-star in the 2014 big screen adaptation "Sitting On the Edge of Marlene"; - from the short story "The Trouble With Marlene" by award-winning Canadian author, Billie Livingston. The film went on to win the Leo Award and Vancouver International Film Festival Emerging Filmmaker Award for its director, Ana Valine.

Dakota also starred in the feature film "Black Fly" by director Jason Bourque, and received a Best Actor Leo Award nomination for his performance in the intense Canadian horror thriller. Supporting roles on television have included the series "Spooksville", "iZombie", and a featured recurring role on the fourth season of Oscar-winning executive producer Steven Spielberg's "Falling Skies."

In 2015 Dakota earned the "Best Emerging Performer" Award from his peers at UBCP/ACTRA and in 2016 he was featured in the Hallmark TV Movie "Pretty Little Addict" and in a guest-starring role opposite Djimon Hounsou on producer M. Night Shyamalan's popular "Wayward Pines" television series for which he earned another Leo Award nomination.

Dakota can currently be seen in the 2017 feature film "Enter the Warrior's Gate" written and produced by Luc Besson. In addition to acting, Dakota works as an active screenwriter and producer.

Biography By: Ken MacIntyre - CC Communications PR

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