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Sponsor the Coffee Table for $500.00

Watch the TEASER Video and discover how you can cheer our team to the FINISH LINE!

The clips used in the teaser above were filmed in August, 2016, during the Challenge Penticton triathlon in Penticton, BC, Canada. An independent film project, like ours, relies on innovative ideas to bring the money and logistics together, and an incredible team to make it happen.

Filmmakers must strike a balance between high production value and logistical (i.e. budgetary) concerns. Traditionally, movies get upfront money from distributors and sales agents and use that to fund their film.

But increasingly, funding like this is becoming less and less realistic! Which means that to make a movie like "13 Miles", we have to think differently. And we have! We FUNDED the above teaser by fans of the movie's subject, TRIATHLON. The money we raised demonstrated that enough people would be interested in a movie about triathletes, made with passion and an indie creative spirit.

Our Next Production Day is Scheduled for:

July 14, 2017

It's Time for the Next 13 Miles!

Every triathlete needs a Support Crew, and so does making a Movie. Take this Journey with us!

We're making this movie, and we'd like you to join us.

"13 Miles" is a drama about Triathlon (and so much more) - We like to call it a "Human Condition" Story. We are currently in production, and are raising money to film. 

It is the 2nd creative Project and FIRST feature movie collaboration between producers/writers/directors Helena Thom and Anthony Epp. 

It stars Jovanna Burke as "Cora" and Cameron Grierson as "Trevor"

Most Feature Movies are made for MILLIONS of dollars. WE are making "13 Miles" for a fraction of that.

Making a feature-length project can be surprisingly expensive - there are numerous costs involved with doing a project legit, including production insurance, location permits, actor and crew salaries, and legal paperwork. In addition, we'll hire on additional post-production personnel, such as editors, sound designers, composers and visual effects artists.

Over the last few years, we've learned to be flexible and resourceful with our budgets. Every cent raised for this project is going into the production, so the more we raise, the bigger we can go with this film.

Also to put things in perspective, we're making this movie for less than 1/1000th of the budget for the upcoming Star Wars movie.

How we "#Make13Happen"

We have a very simple model for making a movie:

  • Partner with individuals, brands and companies for equipment, costumes, triathlon gear, discounts and prizes.
  • Raise money from small to large donations from people who want to see this movie!
  • Sharing the story of Why, Where and How we are making this movie.

Who is already with us?

Partners, Sponsors and VIP's

Special Thanks To

13 Miles Club Members who will appear in the Closing Credits of our movie.

Mark Adams
Mark Anderson
Rebecca Barnette
Kim Bartman
Ron Beaumont
Julia Benson
Peter Benson
Bliss Bakery & Bistro
Dwayne Botchar
Al Boehm
Pilar Bradshaw
Dae Cadman
Margot Calvert
Stephanie Calvert
Nick Carella
Challenge Penticton
Haiying Chi
Mark Chin
Greg Christensen
Coeur Sports
Alyson Couch
Daryl Doyle
Len Dueckman
Lillian Dueckman
Dynamic Race Events
Paula Elle
Dorothy Epp
Erwin Epp
Harold Epp
Jonathon Epp
Leelin Epp
Mary Anne Epp
Stephen Epp
Elizabeth Friesen
Margaret Friesen
From the Heart Productions
Great White North Triathlon
Kim Hall
Mike Hartigan
Gretchen Hartley
Jerry Hedinger
Gillian Horvath
Lora Huang
Kevin Kaplan
Martin Klemes
Konica Minolta
Margaret Lee
Tanya Lee
Naomi Levi
Penny Lidstone
Sarah Lok
Scott Mallan
Momentum Sport Travel
Michelle Muldoon
Keoni Moniz
North Burnaby Runners
William Ng
Obsession Bikes
Abe Oudshoorn
Len Rayburn
Craig Sandok
Kiran Saujani
Side One Band
Tom Panabaker
Rick Papineau
Ethel Pitchford
Ernie Quiring
Mary Ann Quiring
Steamworks Brewery
Jeff Symonds
Kenji Tano
Tom Taratsas
Gannang Thom
Patricia Thom
Samantha Thom
Teresa Thom
Jeff Vaala
Andrea Yeung-Meadows
Blair Yeung-Meadows
Michelle Young
Linda Wong

The Story Behind the Story.

We are Helena Thom and Anthony Epp, the Co-Producers/writers/directors of "13 Miles". We have been working together for 7 years and have been involved in making award-winning micro-budget feature films, short films, and web-series. 

The idea for "13 Miles" developed from a desire to tell a personal, human story of how much sacrifice is needed to achieve your dreams, and what you give up in the process. We decided to set the movie in the world of long-distance (sometimes called "Ironman") triathlon because of the wonderful environment around the sport, the spirit and determination required to finish. 

Both of us went to volunteer at races, and we have infused the story with the real "feeling of triathlon" that exists at every race in the world.

Anthony had completed two Ironman races already, and knew the dedication required just to get to the starting line.

Our Cast!

Jovanna Burke as "Cora"

Cameron Grierson as "Trevor"

Jeff Gonek as "Darcy"

Sadie Silcock as "Lexi"

becca naomi levi

Naomie Levi as "Becca"

Steve King as "The Voice of Triathlon - Steve King"

Our Behind-The-Scenes Team

Stirling Bancroft - Director of Photography

Meghan Mitchell - Makeup/Hair

Lorelei Burk - Costume Designer

Bringing a Team Together

We have a very simple model for making this movie:

  • Feed the cast and crew well.
  • Pay the cast and crew as the professional and talented people they are. We can't pay "Blockbuster" prices, but we believe that a sustainable filmmaking environment involves making sure cast and crew are compensated.
  • Sustainable working conditions. Many production days are 12+ hours long and rush through scenes. We don't believe that works long term. Occasionally there is a need for a long day here and there, but the health and well-being of our team is first and foremost on our minds.

How can You Join the Team and Make 13 Happen?

It would be difficult to create a filmmaking environment without your help. You are the solution!

We began making "13 Miles" with a story and a subject that we were passionate about. Making a feature movie has been a lifelong dream of both of ours, and is something that we realize is completely achievable, if you have the right people involved. A good movie can't be made alone, and that's why we have spent so much time developing and reaching out to our community: the triathletes, businesses that support the sport, filmmakers, friends, family and supporters who want to see this movie made as much as we want to make the movie.

In order to make this movie the best it can be, we need excellent cast and crew with a passion and excitement to make a movie in a fun and supportive environment, AND we need the time to do it. They say there are three ways to make a movie and you can only choose two:

  1. Fast
  2. Cheap
  3. Good​

Our solution is to choose option #2 and #3 (cheap and good). This is why we are spreading the production over many days (most independent features are completed in 15-20 consecutive days, and we are completing ours in 30+ days spread over 12 months). 

To accomplish this, we want our team of supporters, friends and family to join in and get us to that finish line (finish the movie).

Here is How!

We have several partnership and sponsorship levels, from joining our 13 Miles Support Club for as low as $1, to sponsoring the coffee table for a day for $500 (absolutely essential part of every film set), to being a gold podium sponsor of the movie for $5,000.

Every dollar raised goes to supporting our highly talented cast and crew as they bring their gifts to our film set, and to give them the tools they need to be excellent.

In return for your donation, you'll get a credit in the movie and, depending on your sponsorship level:

  • Recognition on our website.
  • Social media recognition.
  • Social media support for your movie/webseries, book, course, project or product.
  • Signed copies of scripts and memorabilia from the set.
  • Digital Download, DVD/Blue Ray copy of the movie when completed.
  • Bonus features and Behind the Scenes video and content from set.
  • Discounts on services and products from our various sponsors and partners.
  • Posters, Art and Media guides.
  • "Presented By" credits at the beginning of the movie.
  • Your logo on merchandise and promotional materials
  • Tickets to the Premiere and After Party
  • And More...

Want to Join Us On The Journey?

Club Member

Join us on the team!

  • Your Name in the Closing Credits of the Movie
  • Special Mention on Social Media
  • Access to News and Announcements From the Team


Club Member

Watch the Movie for Free!

  • Digital Stream of Movie When Completed
  • Discounts and Special Deals From Partners and Sponsors
  • All the Perks of the MVP Membership


Club Member

A Special Gift from Us

  • A Signed Copy of the Shooting Script From the Cast and Directors
  • A Copy of the Movie with Exclusive Content
  • All the Perks of the STAR Club Membership


Sponsor the Coffee Table

For $500, you can sponsor the "Crafty Table" for ONE DAY.  

Craft services is truly the hub of the film set. It is where cast and crew hob-knob, where background actors flock when not featured on screen, and where everyone can come together for a nice bagel and coffee in the morning. A good craft services table will keep our cast and crew energized with fresh snacks, water, tea and coffee. The "Crafty Services" crew member is an invaluable member of the team, because not only do they supply nourishment throughout the day, they are also the on-set First Aid attendant to keep us safe.

We have 35 of these Sponsorships available (one for each day). For your sponsorship, you will see:

  1. Your company/club logo displayed at the craft services table on set.
  2. Photographs and video will be taken and posted throughout the day on social media.
  3.  Video and photographs with the crew and cast thanking you and your company/club for the "snacks" on that day.

This is a perfect sponsorship for:

  • Triathlon Clubs
  • Service Businesses
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Promotion of an Upcoming Special Event, Book Release, or Movie/Webseries Release.

More Opportunities?

We have a larger Branding Sponsorship Program available for businesses who want to support creative filmmaking with their marketing. Through our Podium Sponsorships, you can get your business name and brand in the Opening Title Credits, have an exclusive presence at our Premiere and theatrical screenings, have an entire "day on set" dedicated to you, your employees and your business, and have a large imprint in the marketing and distribution materials for the movie.

Our Podium Sponsorships start at $1,000 and go up to $5,000. 

What People Are Saying About 13 Miles

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Challenge accepted.”

“What excites me most about working on this film as this character was the challenge of playing someone who participates in triathlon.

I've personally never participated in a triathlon and neither had Cora... But she knew all about it from an outsider's perspective and so do I, so the thrill and excitement of doing it for Cora is similar to the thrill I feel as an actor when I get to live in her shoes.

When I train for the role, I always do it as Cora and it's been a pretty awesome experience so far. Challenge accepted."

Jovanna Huguet
- "Cora"

“Being a triathlete means I get to create and surpass goals every week.”

“I'm excited about the physical challenge. Logging multiple miles on the bike and on the track is way harder than I thought.

Being a triathlete means I get to create and surpass goals every week.”

Jeff Gonek
- "Darcy"
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Add Your Name To The Team and #Make13Happen

Credit in the movie, support for your brand, support for the arts, whatever your reasons may be, you will be making a huge impact to support the growth of creative, independent film. You are supporting highly talented cast and crew, and ensuring that we, as filmmakers, can continue to make amazing movies in the right way. In a sustainable way for all.

13 Miles, The Embryo Crew


Sam Thom Photography

Anthony Epp and Helena Thom
Creators of 13 Miles

About the Producers

We are storytellers, first and foremost. We are trying every day to make 13 Miles a little better.

This movie speaks to the heart of people who have felt a dedication to that "one thing" and asks the question, "what if you get what you want? Then what?" 

 Spread the Word!

Please let your friends know about the project-- A team is strongest when there is, well, a TEAM.

So, if you're a triathlete or a fan of triathlon, let your fellow Athletes know about the film. If you're a fan of independent moviemaking, let other fans know. One of the best ways to help this project succeed is by spreading the word on Social Media, so please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, share our campaign on social media, and email your friends about the film. 

What Will the Funds Raised Be Used For?

Sponsorship funds will be used to make the movie! Specifically:

  • Compensating Crew and Cast for their incredible work.
  • Renting gear (lights, camera equipment, grip, and location equipment like tents, tables and chairs)
  • Food for the cast and crew.
  • Costumes, props, bikes.
  • Stunts (so they are completed safely).
  • Preproduction expenses, such as rehearsal space, location scouting, etc.
  • Editing the movie.
  • Creating a musical score.
  • Sound design, sound editing and mixing the sound.
  • Final polishing of the film: colour correction and titles.
  • On-line editing and mastering.
  • Insurance, Permits, Legal forms and Accounting.

What if we raise more than budgeted?

If we raise more than our budget, we can definitely put the money to good use. Here's how:

  • Make all of the above better. We have a bare bones budget to get the above items; enough to get the job done. With additional funds we can make each scene better.
  • Apply to the next round of filming. We have another 30+ days of filming after February, and any head start we have is great!

What You Get For Your Support

  • Your name in the credits.
  • A DVD or digital stream/download of the movie.
  • An autographed script.
  • Discounts on partner and sponsor products (triathlon, film, etc.) as they are announced.
  • Tickets to the Premiere and After Party for the movie.
  • As much gratitude and thankfulness as we can send your way.

Risks and Challenges

While independent filmmaking is always a challenge, we've been there many times before and have met those challenges with success.

We have over a decade of experience helping put together productions from television shows to independent feature films. We know what it takes to make a movie, and have spent countless hours determining ways to streamline the filmmaking process without sacrificing quality and the vision of the movie.

We're working with seasoned professionals, most of whom we've worked with before. We have already begun filming, so we have already had an opportunity to test out our production method. We are confident we can complete the movie with your generous support.