The 13 Miles Cast

Main Cast


Jovanna Burke grew up in Vancouver, BC, spending most of her life training in dance, theatre, voice and film. Jovanna attended high-school at Walnut Hill in Natick, MA, which led to her first job, as an apprentice in a major dance company. Following this, Jovanna spent 6 years in New York pursuing dance and theatre, after which she returned to Vancouver to study film and television.

Jovanna made her feature film debut in the 2003 award winning Canadian Independent Film: "Part of the Game." Jovanna has gone on to guest star on numerous television shows (including Supernatural, Smallville, Fringe, Psych, Mr. Young and Package Deal), feature films, short films, web series and MOWs.

In 2014 Jovanna and her team won a Leo Award and were nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for their work on their series: The True Heroines. In 2015, Jovanna was nominated for a Leo Award for her performance in the short film: The Trap.

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As a kid, Cameron Grierson was always getting into trouble. His parents were advised to medicate him. Instead, they found a school that emphasized the arts and followed that up by getting him into competitive swimming. Suddenly, instead of getting in trouble for acting out, he was rewarded for it. Simultaneously, he started setting his sights on swimming in the Olympics. Swimming became his main focus for quite a while, but then one summer he landed a summer job on a Japanese war epic movie and promptly signed up for film school.

For a few years he pursued a career as a filmmaker. But one year things were a little slow so he had a bunch of free time, started thinking a lot about acting again. Along with that came the realization that he'd require some sort of a day job, so he returned to lifeguarding and started taking acting classes until a friend connected him with her agent. 

Getting cast as Trevor in 13 Miles is a dream come true for Cameron in a lot of ways.

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Supporting Cast


Born in Vancouver, Canada, Dakota Daulby, 22, discovered his love for acting as a young teen after witnessing the craft at the renowned Canadian acting school, New Image College, in Vancouver. He got his first break after landing the lead role in the 2011 award-winning short film "Why Does God Hate Me?" which was featured at the prestigious New York Film Festival as well as at numerous film festivals across North America and around the world.

Dakota also starred in the feature film "Black Fly" by director Jason Bourque, and received a Best Actor Leo Award nomination for his performance in the intense Canadian horror thriller. Supporting roles on television have included the series "Spooksville", "iZombie", and a featured recurring role on the fourth season of Oscar-winning executive producer Steven Spielberg's "Falling Skies.”

In 2015 Dakota earned the "Best Emerging Performer" Award from his peers at UBCP/ACTRA and in 2016 he was featured in the Hallmark TV Movie "Pretty Little Addict" and in a guest-starring role opposite Djimon Hounsou on producer M. Night Shyamalan's popular "Wayward Pines" television series for which he earned another Leo Award nomination.

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Jeff was born and raised in Edmonton, AB. Jeff was thrown into Ukrainian dance, ballet, baseball and soccer from the age of 4. He developed a love for the arts, athletics and from an early age knew he would one day end up as a creative. With a Bachelor of Commerce under his belt, he set his sights on something bigger than Edmonton. So he moved to London, working in trend forecasting and advertising. After the world financial collapse, he returned to Edmonton, where he became immersed in the world of advertising, ballroom, acting and film. 

After much deliberation of leaving a career where he was at the top of his game, he moved to Vancouver, attended Vancouver Film School, and has spent the last 2 years pursuing the dream. To top that off, when not in the studio, in class or on set, he is a local farmer who loves running lines while pushing around wheelbarrows.

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Sadie Silcock is a writer, producer, and actress based in Vancouver, BC. She has worked on over 20 commercials including KRAFT, MILLER, COKE and AXE, and has appeared in the Vancouver-shot series The Dead Zone and The L Word. Her production credits include the Vancouver premier of THE PILLOWMAN and a pilot episode and webseries called ECO-CHIC TV, in which she also worked as the content writer and host. For two years, she worked as the in-house production co-ordinator at BEAR STUDIOS and she has worked as the co-ordinator for brands such as BEST BUY and TOURISM YUKON.

Sadie worked as a sports reporter for 3 years, a career that took her to England and India and had her reporting at both a winter and summer Olympic Games. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from UBC and is a member of Women In Film.

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Corey Woods gave up her career choice of being Wonder Woman a long time ago, but has instead settled for the art of story telling. She was born and raised in a small town called Fruitvale, B.C. Ever since Corey courageously announced to her parents that she would one day be an actress, she hasn’t been taken seriously since. When she is not in class practicing her craft of acting, she is most likely at the gym, prowling the sale racks for rejected shoes, or watching old movies.

Corey has appeared in movies and television shows from Supernatural to Britney Ever After. She has a key role in the upcoming noir-thriller "The Iron Sixth", directed by Christopher O'Brien. Helena and Anthony worked on this movie with Corey, and if you love a good crime drama, then get ready for a riveting performance by Corey.

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