13 Miles is a sports drama about a champion at the height of his field and a woman who has sacrificed her dreams to help him achieve his.

Split in two, they turn to the sport that they know, triathlon, to find meaning and purpose in their own lives. 13 Miles is not about sports or competition, but about how the power of our identity limits our humanity.


We’re Helena Thom and Anthony Epp, two filmmakers who are making 13 Miles out of our love for the sport of triathlon, the athletes and the amazing triathlon community and our passion for filmmaking. We’ve been working in the film industry for almost 10 years both in front of and behind the camera.

13 Miles is a passion project that we co-wrote and have co-developed since 2010, and are excited to start filming in 2016 primarily in British Columbia, Canada.


A typical hollywood film has an average of 600 individual credits (crew and cast members who work on the film) ad some of the big ones have more than 2000 crew members.

A typical “independent” film has 100-200 people work on various aspects of the film from preproduction through to the theatrical screenings!

We’re growing our 13 Miles filmmaking team, and looking for people to work with us to #Make13Happen and join our crew.

How can you participate and be a part of the movie making experience? Taking part doesn't need to be time consuming, or through monetary contributions (although we would never turn volunteers and money away!). It can be as simple as donating or loaning equipment, providing us with a location to film, props or wardrobe! 

Want to see your brand or service in a movie? Contact us for our product and brand integration and placement opportunities!

Another way to "take part", is to become an Ambassador for us by sharing the movie with your friends, family, associations and clubs.

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