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July 22, 2017


Go The Extra Mile!

We are OVER HALF-WAY towards completing production on 13 Miles. But now we need your financial help to get us to the finish line. 13 Miles starts at the midway point of the race. That is exactly where we are in funding for the film itself.

We have gathered financial contributions, investments and gifts in kind from fans and friends who believe in this project. We now need $50,000 to meet our goals to finish.

Please consider donating, sponsoring, or investing now to propel us to the culmination of our 7 years of moving through the process of film production.

Join us on this incredible journey and together we will make a fantastic triathlon movie! 

P.S. You'll also get your name in the movie credits!

For premier investors, we have an Investment package available. Just ask here….

Together we will SWIM, BIKE and RUN to the FINISH LINE!


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